Barbarossa Gose Beer
Barbarossa Gose


Barbarossa Gose

Infused with Amercian Oak

GOSE Infused with American Oak Chips - 0,33l

Product information "GOSE Infused with American Oak Chips - 0,33l"

The cooper. The carpenter of wooden barrels wasn’t the most important man in the port at first glance. But at the latest when it came to the question of fermenting and storing beer, he was. Thank you, cooper for your deeds! This draft beer is for you! The Barbarossa I am Gose is a Sour beer as you may know. This historic beer style has no ordinary taste, but is nevertheless an exceptional and delicious beer. Special about it is definitely the infusion of medium toasted American Oak chips.


Water, Barley malt, Hops, Yeast

  • ABV (% ALCOHOL): 6.5
  • EBU: 10
  • Color: Gold
  • Drinking Temprature (in °C): 7

Infused with American Oak Chips, refreshing, sour, enjoyable

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